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Lebanon 1-2-3
Lebanon 1-2-3

Lebanon A-Z
Lebanon A-Z

Lebanon A-Z
A Middle Eastern Mosaic

Marijean Boueri, Jill Boutros & Joanne Sayad
Illustrated by Tatiana Sabbagh

Lebanon A to Z  
Museum Tour

Four original paintings from Lebanon A-Z: A Middle Eastern Mosaic will be included in the upcoming exhibition entitled "This is Our Land" at the Meridian International Center in Washington DC.

The exhibit will travel to eleven museums across the United States.



Available through the publisher and from all major distributors

J. N. Townsend Publishing

ISBN: 0-9744803-4-7
Retail Price $25.00
Trade Cloth with dust jacket
72 pages/ color illustrations


Lebanon A – Z: A Middle Eastern Mosaic explores the heritage, culture and people of this small, yet, important Mediterranean country, a gateway to the Arab world.

The reader visits this multi-faceted land with eleven year old, Karim and his sister, Amal. Informative and accessible, Lebanon A to Z introduces the history, geography, archeology, languages, religions and local traditions of the land and its people. The full colored artwork accurately depicts the text capturing many subtle details of daily life. A lively Phoenician icon zips his way along the pages to share interesting facts.

Teachers, librarians and parents will immediately recognize the value of this timely reference book. Readers of all ages and world citizens alike will deepen their cross-cultural understanding by discovering Lebanon.

Jill Johnson Boutros

Jill grew up in Minnesota, knowing one day she would see the wor ld. With a BA from Notre Dame and an M ed. from Co lumbia University, she set off to teach in New York, New Jersey and finally to London. She and her husband, Naji, moved with their family to Lebanon in 1 3 99. In the spring of 2000, they founded Chateau Belle-Vue vineyards, employing local people and encouraging others in the community to tend the valley. Jill lives in a traditional, red-roofed Lebanese mountain home with her four children-Philippe, Hannah, Lauren and Ella— sixteen chickens. numerous cats, and a very nervous dog.

Joanne Keratsos Sayad

Joanne Sayad a native New Yorker, of Greek lineage, studied at Marymount Manhattan College and graduated with a BA in Libera l Arts focusing on International Relations. In 1991 , she moved to Beirut with Ralph, her French tutor turned spouse. A mother of three, Joanne resides in the Sayad apartment building surrounded by 26 family members - a modern day tribe! At The American University of Beirut's Archeological Museum, Joanne develops cultural workshops for children ages 7-13 and has written a collection of artic les exploring Lebanon's heritage for youth.


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